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WhatisthisIdon'teven by JopeysBeautifulVoice WhatisthisIdon'teven :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 4 32
A Childhood Forgotten
A childhood forgotten
Memories lost
An innocence robbed
Mommy and daddy don't love each other
But they love you
So very much
Why can't they be together though?
What's going on?
Daddy's gone
Mommy's upset
This is not the life I want
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 2 3
Untitled 2
I ventured deeper into the dark chasm before me
Down the Rabbit Hole I thought to myself
There was a dripping sound ahead of me
I continued towards it
The settlement needs this water
Before I knew what was happening the ceiling came down upon me
And in that moment I knew what I had done to deserve this fate
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 1 0
Untitled 1
Greeted at the gates
These are not the Pearly Whites
This was not anticipated
But welcomed nonetheless
A dark Figure comes through
His hood pulled over and His visage hidden
"Who are you?" A voice inquired
It did not belong to Him
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 0
Simply Happy
We walked up the hill
With our arms around each other's waist
Chasing the sun as it set behind the hill
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 1 2
The Decision
She made her choice
And lost me
How could she have known?
So young
So inexperienced
What's done is done
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 0
These boots... by JopeysBeautifulVoice These boots... :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 17
I wish I could tell you how I feel
These past months have been surreal
Your voice
Makes me rejoice
The simple thought of you
Dissipates my gloom
I've fallen for you
And there's nothing I can do
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 4 28
Abraxas Poem
I look around this room
I see students
I see a dedicated teacher
As far as I'm concerned,
most of them have no legitimate future
They'll drop out
Get high
Get drunk
Waste their lives
Waste their money
Waste my time
I don't respect these people
I don't like being near them
I feel dirty even breathing the same air as them
I don't belong here
But I put myself here
So now it's time to shut up
And get the hell out
I just need to suck it up
And get the hell out
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 11
My Side Project WIP
            My boot heels clicked as I strolled down the cobblestone lane on a frigid November evening in Berlin and all seemed well. My name is " " and I am the second highest ranked officer in the Fuhrer's SS. I've done a great deal of commendable deeds to earn that rank.
            On the morning of September 8, 1939 I said farewell to my twin brother as he led his battalion of Panzer tanks to the Polish border. I didn't hear from him for several years, when I did it was in a rushed letter saying that he was being transferred to the frontlines in northern Africa to fight along side Rommel. Our family has a deep history in Germany's armed forces; ranging from mere police officers to a General of the Army.
            Although I don't report directly to Hitler, I'm honored to have such an illustrious positi
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 20
They came by the thousands
By air and sea
Turret emplacements down the coast
Aircraft fell in flames
Boats never made it to the shore
Blue waters turned red
With the blood of brothers
The bark of machine guns struck fear
In the hearts of the men
But they carried on
Up the hill
Up the hill
They yelled
German guns and mortars fired down
Americans fired back
Both lost men
Americans continued to fire
Germans fought back and died
Into France they went
:iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 4
Just Hangin' Out by JopeysBeautifulVoice Just Hangin' Out :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 7 22 That's a Long Drop... by JopeysBeautifulVoice That's a Long Drop... :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 2 8 Grand Canyon, AZ 3 by JopeysBeautifulVoice Grand Canyon, AZ 3 :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 1 3 Grand Canyon, AZ 2 by JopeysBeautifulVoice Grand Canyon, AZ 2 :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 0 2 Grand Canyon, AZ 1 by JopeysBeautifulVoice Grand Canyon, AZ 1 :iconjopeysbeautifulvoice:JopeysBeautifulVoice 3 5


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